The Voice of Florida Sugar Cane Farmers

Florida Sugar Cane League Community Relations Program

In September of 2015, the Florida Sugar Cane League opened an office in Palm Beach County and began to make a significant investment in local community relations. In its first year of operation, the League addressed over 100 groups and brought 2,000 Palm Beach County residents on farm tours. The League’s mission locally is to build sustaining long term relationships between agriculture and as much of Palm Beach County’s diverse population as possible.

Looking to the 2016-17 season, the League is prepared to bring over 5,000 residents to the farms, while increasing our local presence with school vegetable gardens, non-profit partnerships, farmer’s markets, and regular presentations to civic groups.


The League was founded in 1964 by George Wedgworth and a group of South Florida farmers. Today, we have offices in Washington, DC and South Florida, employing scientists, government affairs professionals, and a community outreach team, representing the industry in front of Congress and in front of you. ​

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$ million Value of Sugar Cane Industry in Palm Beach County
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