The Voice of Florida Sugar Cane Farmers
16 Apr 2018

Roosevelt Middle-Garden Update

This year the school Garden at Roosevelt Middle School has been going strong. The students are working hard and collecting tons of food from their amazing garden!

Here’s some shots of the garden and all the great work the kids are doing!

17 Feb 2018

Crosspointe Elemetary School-Garden

This year the Florida Sugar Cane League was happy to help install a garden at Crosspointe Elementary School in Boynton Beach. Along with the help of Farmer Jay we worked with the school to help install 8 raised beds on the schools campus where they planted beets, sweet potato, and several other amazing crops. The children were extremely excited to get their hands dirty and be a farmer for a day! We look forward to working with Crosspointe throughout the years to see their garden bloom!

31 May 2017

Garden Tasting-Roosevelt Middle

Roosevelt Middle School held their salad eating event with ingredients from their garden. Students enjoyed arugula, cilantro, sunflower, oregano, tomatoes, and green peppers all from their garden!

As no salad is complete without some dressing science teacher, Eusebius Williams, brought the students dressings & a roll of bread for the students to enjoy as well.

The students were excited to eat and enjoy the fruits of their labor!


30 May 2017

Orchard View Elementary-Planting Day

On the second to last day of school Orchard View Elementary School was hosting their Career Day. The students learned about Firefighters, Doctors, and most importantly Farmers.

Not only did they learn about what it meant to be a Farmer but they even got to be a Farmer for the day. Students planted Black Eyed Peas, Sunflowers, Sweet Potatoes, and Sugar Cane!

Our new little farmers are excited to come back next year and see what they’ve grown.

16 May 2017

Orchard View Elementary-Installation

Today, we began the installation process for the Orchard View Elementary School Garden. This school located in Delray Beach is excited for their 8 bed garden to be installed.

Throughout the installation several students walked by the garden site, and inquired about what was being built. They were extremely excited to find out that they were getting a garden with all kinds of healthy and delicious fruits and vegetables.

We can’t wait to go back to the school and plant all kinds of great fruits and vegetables for the kids!

09 May 2017

Roosevelt Middle School

We’re proud to sponsor the garden at Roosevelt Middle School, which features microgreens and is teaching students that these types of plants can be grown cost effectively at home and in a tiny space.

Ninety students were given their own pot and the option to choose what type of plant they wanted to grow. The choices were black eyed peas, chia, mustard greens, kale, romaine lettuce, arugula and sunflower seeds.

Students will be enjoying their harvested food and tasting it next week during a student salad bar party!

05 Mar 2017

Academy for Positive Learning-Planting Day!

Today was planting day! The students at the Academy for Positive Learning joined the Florida Sugar Cane League and Farmer Jay to begin planting their garden. Students got their hands dirty in the garden and couldn’t wait to see how their vegetables would grow.

A big thank you to Farmer Jay who helped throughout the entire process!


25 Feb 2017

Academy for Positive Learning-Install

Today, the Academy for Positive Learning was excited to see the installation of their garden! This amazing six bed garden will allow the entire school to gain first hand knowledge on how to be a farmer. The students stopped by to watch the progress, and couldn’t wait to start working on their garden.